& Inclusion

As a young adult, I overheard my sister say that my happiness levels could be measured in audio decibels. I had never felt more seen. She had been listening to me recount a story that in order to truly bring her and my mom into the throes of the moment, needed dynamic crescendos and emotive beats.

What she likely didn’t know, was that my go-to state of being was content to be the wallflower unless deeply comfortable in my environment. Being siblings, she saw the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Outside of the house, my volume was often rather low, preferring to move through life in Quiet Discovery Mode. I quite enjoyed the moments when my volume was up and I could be fully me, but it took time to learn who/what/where I felt safest to do so. I hadn’t yet found my tribe—the world travelers, the life-long learners, the LGBTQIA+ community/allies—and it would be nearly a decade from my sister’s quip about decibels until my true laugh bubbled forth for friends and strangers alike. (I’m happy to report the barky guffaw is a daily occurrence these days!)

You’ll find me at my happiest when I’m exploring new and old destinations, hosting friends for a game night, making a meaningful personal connection, cooking (dancing, dreaming, laughing, learning, talking, traveling, etc…) with my wife, and being in a writing flow.

Love, fairness, connection, and inclusion are my life goals. I’m passionate about the world’s diversity, human rights, and second chances.

What do dreams know of boundaries?